Modern CSS Challenges

Guided Practice For Leveling Up With Modern CSS

Created by Stephanie Eckles

Video transcript

Hi! I’m Stephanie Eckles, author of, and known around the web as 5t3ph.

When I’m learning something new, I like to dive in and test my assumptions first, then seek out answers to specific problems, and sometimes look for a tutorial if the pieces just don’t seem to be coming together.

We all have different ways of learning, and Modern CSS Challenges is a little twist on the traditional tutorial model!

You’ll be encouraged to use what you know alongside prompts from success criteria. Each challenge also has learning objectives that guide you toward various modern CSS features to use in your solution. Challenges provide starter HTML and CSS, and list recommended learning resources.

You can build out your styles wherever you like, and your final code will be evaluated using visual diffing to determine how closely it matches the reference images. A high score will unlock the solution code!

As you complete more challenges, advanced bonus challenges will be unlocked to further your skills by practicing more complex UI challenges as well as cutting-edge modern CSS features.

It’s completely free to participate in all the challenges. You’ll also have several options for purchasing the extended video solution with enhanced transcripts. I’ll walk you through the code line by line and share deeper insights and explanations to help you level-up with modern CSS.

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Challenges Improve Your CSS Skills

Put your CSS to the test! Challenges will guide you to create styles to match the reference images. Your result will be evaluated using visual diffing. High scores unlock the solution.

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